Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What happens if I do not have a broadband connection this fast?
A) The video will take a while to download and the video may appear 'jerky' during playback. You can ‘pause‘ the video at any stage to allow it to download further before resuming playback.

Q) How do I view the presentation/play, pause etc?
A) On the next page you will see a visual guide to help you.

Q) How long do I have to complete the course?
A) From the time you log in, you have five days to complete the course.

Q) What happens if I am called away during the session. Can I return to the programme?
A) Yes. The course is automatically bookmaked so that if you need to leave the course for any reason then you can rejoin the course at the point at which you left.

Q) What happens if I have a technical problem with the course?
A) If you have any problems accessing the course then please contact us for help

For a more detailed guide with a full explanation of which buttons to use, please click here.